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Brand : Gucci 

Type: Glasses

Colour : crystal-clear

- Gucci glasses frames are made from high-grade alloy, electrostatically plated, with high oxidation resistance, preventing effects from the external environment and secreting primers. The end of the frame is usually made of a high-quality flexible plastic compound, which both provides a comfortable feeling and increases durability.

Gucci glasses are usually designed with oval-shaped aviator lenses with large coverage to help shield the entire eye area, protecting from bad influences from the outside. When wearing Gucci sunglasses outside, you will see the colors are clearer and clearer than wearing them due to how harsh the sun is.

Special highlight

- Gucci logo on the sides of the glasses

- block ultraviolet rays from the sun, prevent UV rays from entering the eyes, good anti-glare ability and help to see clearer images



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